Managing Quality by the Ultimate Standards!

Our Manufacturing Process and Parts meet or exceeds standards of the world’s most demanding Industries!

Starting from analyzing customer’s inquiry and ending with the warranty to zero defect production, we are greatly focused on process of manufacturing products, rather than only Products! We have ISO Certification to ensure international standards and highest quality to our national as well as international clients.

The Quality of Products is ensured by continuous improvements and prevention of standard procedures and quality controls in following steps or phases:

Quality Inspection of Materials and Products
Dimensional Inspection of raw materials
Selective and Dimensional inspection by quality control team
Verification and Quality approved of Production for ensuring precision measurement
Final Production Control in Measurement

From complex tolerance to precise construction, we offer the range of CNC Machine Parts, Custom CNC Parts, CNC Spare Parts, CNC Lathe Parts, Aluminium CNC Parts and Components & more required for your industry. Manufacturing complex, critical and precise parts and components to deliver at highest quality, greatest speed and best comparable price.

Core Values

Team, Manufacturing Process, Manufacturing Facility, International Quality Standards, Improvements and Result.

Exceptional Value

Deliver the Exception Value in Shorter time by providing quality manufacturing and exporting solution globally.

Precise CNC Machine Parts

Highly Precise Quality CNC Machine Parts and Components with consistent performance for all custom industrial requirements.

Quality Craftmanship

International Standard, Tight Tolerance, High Quality Manufacturing and Measuring Equipment to ensure the quality of entire production.